2020 Steering Board Meeting respond to Corona infection

In order to respond to global corona infection, emergency Steering Board Meetings by e-mail were held on May 14, 2020. 

The results of deliberation based on the proposal by the local committee (Okayama University, NICT and YRP) of WPMC2020 are as follows;

(1) Considering the global infection situation of corona virus, WPMC2020 will be held as   a virtual conference as The 23rd WPMC2020 Virtual Edition from October 18th to 21st, 2020.
(2) Sri Lanka withdrew the host of WPMC2021 because corona infection in Sri Lanka is so serious that they cannot implement prepare sufficient preparation of the Symposium.
(3) WPMC2021 will be held in Okayama, Japan instead of Sri Lanka. The dates will be scheduled as soo as possible.


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