WPMC2008 Welcome message

Welcome to Saariselkä

Prof. Matti Latva-aho, General Chair of WPMC2008

Centre for Wireless Communications of the University of Oulu is proud to host Wireless Personal Multimedia Communications Symposium (WPMC) on 8-11 September 2008 in Saariselkä resort, close to the Ivalo airport, in the most beautiful area of Finnish Lapland surrounded by several national parks. WPMC Symposia series was inaugurated in 1998 at Yokosuka Research Park, Japan as a global platform which aims at enabling collaboration in the field of wireless information and multimedia communications. Held in Asia, Europe and North America, WPMC has established itself as a uniquely global conference dedicated to wireless multimedia convergence. Continuing the series, the Eleventh Annual International Symposium on Wireless Personal Multimedia Communications (WPMC ’08) will be held for the first time in Finland – the home of mobile communications.

WPMC’08 is a meeting ground for specialists contributing to “Convergence – Magic meeting the reality” – the theme for WPMC’08. Leading experts from industry, academia and regulatory bodies all have their share in making the event a truly quality one. On the other hand, WPMC also offers a wonderful opportunity for young researchers to present and participate in an international forum. A number of measures will be taken in the planning process in order to further increase the exchange of information between specialists and in order to ensure the extent of “Convergence” at the event.

The programme for WPMC’08 will be built from the elements that allow participants from academia, industry and other types of organisations to select paths that interest them most. Programme elements include, among others, tutorials of high quality, panel discussions and special sessions based on controversial topics. The exchange of information will be stressed in the presentation of key research activities in different parts of the world. Also the latest regulatory achievements will be discussed in technical sessions.

The conference location is 250 km north from the Arctic Circle, but still easy to reach with daily direct flights from Helsinki. Conference participants have the chance to experience some of the best offerings of local cuisine, culture and the immanent nature during their stay in Lapland.

The organisers of WPMC’08 wish You welcome to Lapland, Finland – the home of mobile technology!

On behalf of the WPMC’08 organisation,
Prof. Matti Latva-aho


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