WPMC1999 Amsterdam Holland

The 2nd WPMC1999 was held in September 21-23 in Amsterdam, Holland, 1999.
Official WEB site of WPMC1999 has already been closed.
This site is quoted and translated from “CRL NEWS, No.  284, November, 1999 (in Japanese)”.


Venue of RAI Amsterdam Convention Centre

Congratulatory address at the Opening Plenary of WPMC1999
President of IEEE Vehicular Technology Society Dr. Johnson

The 2nd WPMC1999 was held in Amsterdam, Netherlands from September 21 to 23.
 The number of registered participants was about 270 people, 58 from Asia (29 from Japan), 31 from Europe, 9 from South America, and 1 from Africa, 99 research papers from 22 countries were preseted.

In addition to 18 general sessions, the Symposium introduced recent activities of research and development in the Asia-Pacific region, and special sessions of the “Asia-Pacific Special Workshop”. Also, three sessions which are very attracting topics of “Stratospheric platform communication system”,  “the Advanced Transportation System (ITS)” and “the Broadband access communication system”.

In the keynote speeches, the standardization trend of the third generation mobile communication system, IMT-2000, the mobile communication system after the third generation, and the expectation for multimedia communication were announced from the West and Korea.

In the Asia-Pacific Special Workshop, the Asia-Pacific Telecommunications Community (APT) delivered a keynote speech by Lee, and it was a meeting to impress the cooperation with the Asia-Pacific region and the World Standards Organization. In this way, the Conference strongly appealed not only to the latest research presentations, but to promote industry-academia-government collaboration between Japan and the Asia-Pacific region. One of the reasons for this is the International conference sponsored by the Yokosuka Research Park (YRP) R&D Promotion Committee and the Communications Research Laboratory (CRL).

The Young International Conference of WPMC1999 was held in Amsterdam, and the third in 2000 will be in Bangkok, Thailand, the fourth in 2001 will be in Aalborg, Denmark, and the fourth in 2002 will be in Hawaii, United States.

The International conference, born in YRP Yokosuka, will return to Yokosuka in 2003 as the fifth WPMC after arounding the world. In 2003, just after 150 years that Black Ships, led by Commodore Perry, came to Yokosuka Uraga Bay in 1853, and we would like to welcome all to the international city of Yokosuka again.



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