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Author Instructions

When registrering for WPMC’08, please note that with one author registration you are allowed to present maximum of two accepted papers. However, for presentations by industry participants, who have submitted an abstract, one author registration is required per accepted paper. Remember to indicate the 10-digit paper id number(s) on the first page of the electronic registration form.

Authors registering as students are expected to provide a copy of their student card or certificate by telefax to +358-9-56075020 immediately after the finalisation of the registration.

Author registration must be done at the latest 6 June 2008.

Instructions for Presentations

Please note the following instructions for your presentation(s): [link]

Call for Papers

Paper Submission Guidelines

1. Use the paper template
Authors are invited to submit original papers (maximum 5 pages) electronically in PDF format. For all submissions, please use the templates below that have been modified from the IEEE 2-column journal template:

  • wpmc2008.tar.gz contains author information and serves as a template for LaTeX users;
  • wpmc2008.zip contains author information and serves as a template for Microsoft-Word users.

2. Select the paper topic
When submitting a paper, authors are asked to select a primary and a secondary topic from the ones listed in the Call for Papers.

3. Choose the paper category
Symposium contributions fall in two broad categories: scientific and industrial contributions. See Programme page for more details. Full papers may be presented either orally or as a poster. As an alternative to these two presentation categories, Industry participants may present their work at the symposium in a “slides only” format without a paper to be published in the proceedings. In this case, an abstract is required. When submitting a conference paper, students are asked to indicate whether they wish to participate in the WPMC’08 paper award competition.

In the paper submission form, all authors are asked to choose among the following four paper categories:

  • Full paper
  • Full paper to be presented as poster
  • Full paper participating in student paper award competition
  • Abstract (for presentations from Industry participants only).

4. Use paper ID for future correspondence
In the confirmation e-mail, authors will receive a unique ID number for their paper, which will be used as reference in future correspondence.

5. Set the proper filename for your submission
In case of paper acceptance, the final submission must be named with its ID number, e.g., “1234567890.pdf”.

6. Links
Go to electronic submission.

More information on paper submission: wpmc2008tpc(at)ee.oulu.fi


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