WPMC2017 Best paper awards

WPMC2017 Best Paper Award

  1. Iterative Carrier Frequency Offset Estimation for Faster-than-Nyquist Signaling (Prof. Jiancun Fan; Mr. YaJie Ren)
  2. Performance Evaluation of TD-LTE in VHF-band for Large Coverage Public Broadband Communications System (Dr. Keiichi Mizutani; Mr. Hiroto Kuriki; Mr. Yosuke Kodama; Dr. Takeshi Matsumura; Prof. Hiroshi Harada)
  3. Impact of Wavelength Dependency of LED and Photodiode in Visible Light Positioning (Mr. Kevin Verniers; Prof. Liesbet Van der Perre; Prof. Nobby Stevens)

WPMC2017 Best Student Paper Award

  1. High-Order Circular QAM Constellation with High LDPC Coding Rate for Phase Noise Channels (Mr. Bin Zheng; Dr. Lianjun Deng; Prof. Mamoru Sawahashi; Dr. Norifumi Kamiya)
  2. Performance Analysis of Physical Layer Security over Different Error Correcting Codes in Wireless Sensor Network (Mr. Mohammed Ahmed Magzoub Albashier; Dr. Azlan Abdul Aziz; Dr. Hadhrami Ab Ghani)
  3. QoS Analysis for WebRTC Videoconferencing on Bandwidth-Limited Network (Mr. Yoanes Bandung; Mr. Luki Subekti; Mr. Dion Tanjung; Dr. Chrysostomos Chrysostomou)
  4. Centralized Macrocell Muting at Subchannel Level in LTE Heterogeneous Networks (Mr. Mengshi Hu; Dr. Chang Yongyu; Mr. Tianyi Zeng; Mr. Wei Quan; Mr. Jian Zhang)

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