Steering Board Meeting at WPMC2018 in Chiang Rai, Thailand

Agenda for WPMC Steering Board Meeting 2018

2018/11/26 at MFU, Chiang Rai, Thailand

  1. Introduction of Members and participants
  2. Approval of agenda
    (Subjects to be reported)
  3. Final report of WPMC2017 in Indonesia.
  4. Report of present status of WPMC 2018 from Organizing Committee in Thailand.
  5. Presentation on WPMC 2019 Candidates presentation on WPMC 2019 from Sri Lanka
  6. Presentation on WPMC2019 Candidates presentation on WPMC 2019 from Portugal
  7. Presentation on WPMC 2020 Progress report from Japan
  8. Proposal (new)WPMC 2021 ( India/USA )
  9. Proposal (new)WPMC 2022 ( Rumania )
    (Subjects to be resolved by WPMC Board Members)
  10. Proposal and deliberation : Convergence of WPMC and GWS
  11. Venue of WPMC2019 and WPMC2020
  12. Modification of WPMC Bylaw.
  13. New Steering Board members and Advisory Board members
  14. Others
  15. Next meeting

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