WPMC2008 Lapland Finland

WPMC2008 Lapland Finland


Original official WEB site of WPMC2008 is active as of January, 2019.
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General Information
WPMC’08 will be held in Saariselkä resort, close to Ivalo airport, in the most beautiful area of Finnish Lapland surrounded by several national parks.

The Wireless Personal Multimedia Communications (WPMC) Symposia series was inaugurated in 1998 at Yokosuka Research Park, Japan as a global platform which aims at enabling collaboration in the field of wireless information and multimedia communications.

Held in Asia, Europe and North America, WPMC has established itself as a uniquely global conference dedicated to wireless multimedia convergence. Continuing the series, the Eleventh Annual International Symposium on Wireless Personal Multimedia Communications (WPMC ’08) will be held for the first time in Finland – the home of mobile communications.

WPMC’08 drew 327 participants from 25 countries. 180 papers were submitted, and 128 of them were accepted. The symposium also featured 17 lectures by invited speakers and panel sessions.

WPMC’08 will be held partly in Lapland Hotel Riekonlinna and partly in Saariselkä Tunturi hotel.
The symposium lunch is served in the restaurant Siula of Saariselkä Tunturi hotel. [See map]

Plenary pesentations

  • SHINGO OHMORI, “Towards Ubiquitous Networked Society – Convergence of Wireless and Optical Network Technologies”
  • HANS-JOACHIM DRESSLER, “Base Stations for Mobile Radio Networks – Trends and Highlights”
  • JUHA HULKKO, “Challenges of Next Generation Internet From User Point of View”
  • ANTHONY EPHREMIDES, “The Wireless Revolution at Crossroads – Where to Next”
  • ROBERT CALDERBANK, “It’s the Receiver, Stupid”
  • EZIO BIGLIERI, “How Random-Set Theory Can Help Wireless Communications”




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